Bexar County ESD No. 2 Documentaries

Learn about our department, and see how much we have grown.


2023, Heroes don't fight alone. Cancer has hit our firefighters, but we stay resilient. Our firefighters stay along side them the whole way. We are here for each other.

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Paramedic screen shot 1

2022, Capture the Progress. The our special teams units are starting to come together. What kind of teams are they? Our response to the Uvalde elementary school shooting.

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2021, Rise from ashes. It was a tough 2020. Our department is resilient, the mission is the same, and we keep going.

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2020, Conquer the Challenge. The year of Covid-19. What challenges did we face, and how did we overcome them?

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2019 West Bexar: The Legacy of Geronimo Village Vol. Fire Dept. The history of Geronimo Village and Year in Review.

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